Steve Hilton’s ‘The Next Revolution” tv show is presenting many topical issues all of us can relate too. We all agree that state by state our infrastructure is in need of repair and upgrading. Who likes potholes on city streets and interstate highways? Do we want to remain energy independent, gotta upgrade the electrical power grid and pipeline network.

Fast forward to the 13 minute mark and you will be to hear how one legislator, John Delaney has a viable solution. Take the the time to listen as Mr. Delaney provides more then the why and the what, he also knows how to fund the projects.

1 thought on “Infrastructure Improvements”

  1. All is well and good Mr Delaney, your talking points are spot on but sound somewhat familiar. Corporate cash stashed in foreign countries. We need tax reform and an overhaul of the tax code. Just why does this have to wait until you run for the presidency in 2020 ? Is it not what we need now ?

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