Since the advent of social networking on the internet the ability to communicate freely on many platforms has opened many opportunities. This has provided an outlet for many to attempt to complement or actually replace the Main Stream Media. The objective of the new media sources is to report news in a factual manor or in other regards to spur on topics of debate sometime bordering on conspiracy theory levels.

Cernovich and Dennis Michael Lynch are two that I have been following now and again, from a pro Trump perspective. Conversely any news one might want in regards to anti-Trump rhetoric will be offered on the “Main Stream Media.”

The two media types need to be supported financially to survive. So in that regard there are two main points of concern. Where does the money come from and what agenda do those sponsors support ? Secondly there is a direct relationship or more so a exponential one in the numbers of viewers drawn per dollars spent.

This whole conversation was spurred on by what I refer to as post 2, post 3 and post 4. When you read a story on the internet, often you are taken down other rabbit holes compounding trying to get a straight answer. Who has time to do all the reading and researching the facts, when they sometimes start on a post months old. Then the debates start on the “instant gratification” platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to we get to the truth of a matter ? Perhaps a easy solution to that question might be, whats going on these days neighbor ?

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