Our founding fathers penned a document that had vision far into the future. From the time that original document was written, the years have brought monumental change in technology that has brought our country within reach from coast to coast in mere nanoseconds. Media and social platforms have chosen unwisely many times to communicate or allow non-productive and hurtful content to be published. Our Mission is to use that technology here at MAAA to promote constructive dialogue to bring our fellow Americans to common ground. 


The images of all that is America. Those we hold dear to our heart. The community image that speaks volumes. Those who are serving our country to protect our nation against those who want to do us harm.


Demonstrate that in all types of community environments, the people of the United States are truly wanting to make their neighborhoods prosper.


Our team is a collaboration of Community Organizations from All Across America. For we represent those who strive to see our towns and cities prosper and grow in a common purpose. That purpose is to revitalize the sense of Family and Community which had been the foundation upon which America was built. Accountability for those who we elected. Change of direction for those who fight against the common cause. Light the flame of passion, not destruction.


We believe that the goodness of humanity and the true American Spirit will overcome obstacles that seem to be insurmountable. Those that stand in the way of uniting all Americans in the direction of common sense and decency. It is imperative that we act now so that future generations will be prepared to govern and protect the sovereignty of our great nation. 

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