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Three Year Journey Home

Three years in the making,the journey home to America comes to conclusion.

Hijazi, her husband (Mohamed Hassanein) and six others were arrested in May 2014 after being accused of child abuse inside of the offices of the Belady Foundation for Street Children, an organization founded by Hijazi and her husband that operates in Egypt.

During the raid, which occurred without a legal warrant, police confiscated laptops and detained Hijazi, Hassanein and other employees under the child abuse charges.

Thanks too Chris Bucher.
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The American Family Unit…

Let’s not focus on Bill O’Reily, the main reason I wanted to use this DML clip is to bring to attention the conversation of Family. Statistics can be manipulated but in this case, unfortunately I would agree that they are spot on. Just think of the line at the grocery store…I do not need to elaborate. The intent is not to create groups or label them, but rather to be another source to get the message out there.
The message is clear, we need to bring back the Family Unit as a mainstay of society.